What we offer

  • National and international transportation

We have up to 2.000 vehicles throughout the whole of Europe at our disposal and are therefore able to quickly deploy a suitable vehicle for your consignment from any location within the European area. Our customers benefit from the economic advantages of graduated tariffs within the various vehicle categories.


  • 24-hour service, 365 days a year

We are contactable 24/7 throughout the year, including weekends an public holidays. Outside of our office hours, our on-call service is there for you.


  • Trained and motivated personnel

Our personnel receive regular training in order to keep up to date with new legal requirements and developments in the field of transports.


  • Contact to vehicles at all times

We are able provide you with information on the current location of your consignment at any time. Information regarding the completion of loading or unloading, as well as of delays in transit due to traffic problems, weather conditions etc., is passed on to our customers immediately and without having to be requested.


  • On-board courier/charter flights

For particularly urgent consignments, we will charter a suitable aircraft for you. We will arrange for small consignments with high security requirements to be accompanied by an on-board courier.


  • Flexible deployment of vehicles as required by the customer

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and we will do everything possible within the range our capabilities to fulfil your wishes.


  • Complete logistic solutions

For each transport problem, we have the matching solution. We take over every task related to the transport of your consignment, from the time of the placement of your order right up to the delivery of the consignment into the hands of the recipient.


  • Short lead times

We have an extensive and close-knit network of partners, so there is always a suitable vehicle in your vicinity. This means, we are able to take charge of the consignment within a very short time after the receipt of your order.